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Sticky Gloves Bubblegum White

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  • Mega strong grip
  • Unique and professionally designed
  • Perfect fit due to specially selected elastic material
  • Reinforced fingertips for increased stability
  • Robust seams for higher durability
  • Lasting freshness through countless ventilation holes


The Bubblegum White Glove is the absolute SpeCatch pioneer, granting your hands unleashing freshness and lightness through its unique interplay of colors.
Thanks to its sticky, gum-like palm, unreachable catches are history, and no ball will slip through your fingers anymore.
Let yourself be enthralled by the unique sensation of wearing a second skin, as its high proportion of elastic material ensures the glove fits perfectly to your hand.
Additionally, its breathability provides an unparalleled feeling of freedom!

Additional Information:

- Package contents: 1 pair
- Shipping weight: 0.4 kg
- Dimensions including packaging: 35x25x5cm (LxWxH)
- Care instructions: Wash at max. 30°C and allow to air dry


Silicone, polyester, synthetic leather, nylon, rubber