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Sticky Gloves Hexagon White

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  • Mega strong grip
  • Unique and professionally designed
  • Perfect fit due to specially selected elastic material
  • Reinforced fingertips for increased stability
  • Robust seams for higher durability
  • Lasting freshness through countless ventilation holes


The Hexagon Glove shines with its simple, detail-oriented design and proves to be an original accessory that makes football enthusiasts' hearts beat faster.
Thanks to its sticky, honeycomb-like palm, unreachable catches are history, and no ball will slip through your fingers anymore.
Let yourself be captivated by the unique sensation of wearing a second skin, as its high proportion of elastic material ensures the glove fits perfectly to your hand.
Additionally, its breathability provides an unparalleled feeling of freshness!

Additional Information:

- Package contents: 1 pair
- Shipping weight: 0.4 kg
- Dimensions including packaging: 35x25x5cm (LxWxH)
- Care instructions: Wash at max. 30°C and allow to air dry


Silicone, polyester, synthetic leather, nylon, rubber